Women, Wine and Preferences!

08/03/2019 This Women's Day, pamper yourself with wine!

The polyphony of wine and women is melodious! I’m sure if you ask a woman about her one epic wine story, she will give you five.

Wine as a metaphor, wine as an escape, wine as a habit, wine as a denial, wine as a celebration, wine as an excuse, wine as the solution for family and relationship issues, wine as a wash down, wine for midday crisis, wine for the gram, wine as just wine, and the list goes on.

Wine and women, over the ages, have always given major #relationshipgoals. If you ask me, every wine lover has a unique flourishing relationship with wine which ages beautifully like a fine chardonnay. Mine started when I was around seventeen. My term project was due. Being the procrastinators, I and my friend had been working on it for quite some days and we were exhausted by the end of it. So tensed that we couldn’t sleep. She went and sneaked out a bottle of wine from her dad’s stock. It was a winter night. The moon was bright. We sat on the terrace sipping the wine slowly as we watched the night gradually pass by. She introduced me to some wine facts which were not known to me at that time -how to hold the glass, how to sip on wine, how to enjoy the aroma - I was a beginner entering the wine world while she was acting as if she is on the verge of becoming a master sommelier. After that night, it became a staple occasion to celebrate any and every project submission with a bottle of wine. It just became our thing and I hope it stays the same till we get all old and wrinkly.

I’m sure every woman who is solidly a part of the generation who watched “Sex and the city” is a strong wine lover and as Carrie Bradshaw, once said, and here I quote, “I save my carbs for wine. It’s called priorities.” would swear by it haha!

Often times, wine is linked with love and romance. It warms the blood, adds luster to the eyes, the antioxidants in the grapes used in making wines helps to even out the skin tone & moreover red wine also has the colour of love. No wonder Marilyn Monroe decided to take a bath in a tub filled with champagne!

Anyway, its women’s day and yes you need to pamper yourself. We’ve hundreds of things going in our mind every day but I can guarantee you that picking a wine for yourself this women’s day isn’t going to be tough because we are providing you with the list of top 10 wines preferred by women.

Bonus: most of them are below or near $20.

If you are into sweet wines, I would suggest you go for,

Paetra Riesling 'S' Eola-Amity Hills, Oregon, $25

The ‘S’ in this dessert wine, made from grapes left on the vine longer than usual that is the late harvest wine, stands for ‘sweet’. It is appropriately tender, juicy and tasty with robust flavours, giving you the fresh and natural peach, melon and herbs combination. Its lingering taste will want you to go back to it again and again!

St. Supery Estate Moscato, California, $20

Made from Muscat Canelli grapes, this wine is slightly spritzy & sweet. Strong in apricot fuzz and grass, it is a blend of tropical flavour having a viscous texture of mango, kiwi and pineapple. It concludes in the vanilla, light, fresh finish. It tastes like a tropical party in your mouth!

If your tongue tingles for rose wines, you should definitely prefer,

Mirabeau Côtes de Provence Rosé, France $12

With the burst of lustrous ripe strawberry flavours and smooth appropriate acidity, this rich style of rosé gives you a fruity flavour and an intense aftertaste!

If you like to enjoy  dry white wines, celebrate this women’s day by having,

Abacela Albarino, Oregon, $21

This fresh, stimulating and bone dry wine extend its blazing and peppery taste on Albariño. People who enjoy white wine will definitely find this wine delicious!

Joel Gott Unoaked Chardonnay, California, $13

Blazed with crisp California’s rugged central coast acidity and extremely dry, this wine is rich in pineapple, meyer lemon, lime, mineral and vanilla flavours that will satisfy your Chardonnay tooth. It also has a very citrusy taste to it.

Eberle Estate Chardonnay, California, $25

This bottling will please the women who seek fresh, detailed chardonnay. Light, not so intense aromas of lemon, white peach and simplified butter will further take you into a combination of lime zest, creamy texture of cherimoya fruit and brioche bread flavours will burst into your mouth.

If you are looking forward to celebrating this women’s day with more delicate or smoother red, go for,

Gran Moraine Yamhill-Carlton Pinot Noir, Oregon, $45

Treated to the 50% new French oak, this wine has a pleasing, textural blend of pomegranate, strawberry and raspberry. It shows detailed hints of crisp toast and cracker from 20% whole clusters during fermentation. If you are looking for both breadth and length, with balance throughout, this is the wine for you!

Garnet Pinot Noir, California, $15

It is a medium-bodied wine which is strongly aromatic in baked bread with soft and moderate acidity. Coming from an estate-farmed vineyard, this wine will give you earthy flavours. It also has a hint of tartness coming from black tea and stems, concluding in oak.

And if you have taste buds for intensely flavoured red, you ought to try,

Irony Cabernet Sauvignon, California, $15

This wine has very raw and rustic aromas like earth and sun-dried leaves which are then later followed by red-cherry and rhubarb flavours in this medium-bodied wine.

Klinker Brick, Farrah Syrah, California, $18

With the dash and hint of vanilla and milk chocolate, this wine dresses up into this amply fruity, nutty wine. It spreads across the palate smoothly and turns into a mild sweet on the finish. It's exquisitely rich and easy to sip. It will make into a great dessert wine this women’s day!

So, this Women’s Day, ignore all those hundred thoughts coming to your mind and do yourself a favour by pouring yourself and your girlfriends a glass of wine to celebrate the existence of women and wine. Cheers!

Author - Annonymous