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19/06/2018 On this page you will find information about Tohani România

Tohani has attracted people with grace who loved life, worked it, understood it, and amplified its creative force. From here, from the heart of the Great Hole, for over 200 years, wine is created. Every wine has its story, braided with that of the genius and passion of those who created it. At Tohani, the earth speaks, and people listen. And then, wine is made.


Tohani has had a long history; documents attesting the vineyard go back to 1773.

It has always been a powerful place which has influenced destinies and changed the course of history. Probably the most well-known story of  Tohani is that of the love between Price Nicolae of Romania and Ioana Doletti.

Prince Nicolae, the brother of King Carol II, fell hopelessly in love with Ioana Doletti, a very beautiful woman who however did not have noble origins. Against all restrictions, Prince Nicolae and Ioana married in secret on October 28th 1931, at the Tohani church and town hall.

The prince lost his royal rights, yet Ioana Doletti and the vineyard of Tohani remained his passions until the end.

Since then, all who chose to stop at Tohani – for a while or for life – have known and felt the passion that this place bestows on people.


Tohani is a privileged place that opens the mind and soul to the creative forces of nature and man.

Located in the middle of the Dealu Mare region,  Tohani spreads on 7 sunny hills, blessed with a very special climate. Oriented towards the South-East, the hills are being warmed by sunlight for a longer time. Thus, the grapes enjoy 14 more days of sun than in any other vine area in the country. Reaching maturity earlier, the grapes have more time for developing qualitative features.

Tohani vineyard is located on the 45° parallel, like the famous Bordeaux vineyards. The Mediterranean micro-climate – which allows for the fig tree and almond tree to grow in Tohani – offers the vine special growth conditions giving our wines their intense color and flavor, corpulence and organoleptic balance.


Over the years, Tohani wines have enjoyed a special appreciation both in Romania and abroad. All wines are created from the passion, inspiration and mastery of people who have known how to connect to the land, the vine and all the natural blessing of Dealu Mare, and turn them into wines that preserve the amazing spirit of Tohani.

Ventilation or oxygenation of wine is a controversial argument that divides the world of wine: it is a subject of which we all hear and each contradicts what is said. First of all, we need to ask ourselves what the purpose of decanting is. I believe there are two specific motivations for which a wine must pass into the decanter; of "physical" nature, when wine has an obvious deposit in glass and of course a reason related to the "taste and olfact" issue. For a wine that has an obvious deposit, especially if we are at the restaurant, decanting is mandatory and choosing a specific caraway pattern is essential.

The tastes of the customers are, however, oriented towards the soft and round sensations of wine, which is why it is not rare to decode young wines that have obvious complexities, as can be the case with Cabernet Sauvignons, Fetească Neagră, with harsher and colder perceptions. In this case, I will use a classic throat decanter for a period of time ranging from a few minutes to a few hours, so that it is already ready at the beginning of the dinner. All of this taking into account the taste and wishes of the guest.

Wines of Tohani România


APOGEUM is a 3-year-old wine that surprised, broke, excited, and - most importantly - confirmed the desire of a man to create from our nationally representative variety, Feteasca Neagra, a genius wine.

Tasting notes - Intense and shiny Ruby. Black cherry flavors, overcoats, plum, pomegranate, tree bark, wet soil. There is a note of nutmeg and blackberry jam, next to balsamic herbs. Plate notes of black pepper, cardamom, summer truffle and a spicy sensation reminiscent of ginger. Velvety taste, where tanned well shaped complements with the sensations of minerality. Compact and dense on the end, with warm and creamy notes of black chocolate.

Created at Tohani, Gold Awarded in Brussels.


With royal signature and appreciated by the finest connoisseurs, Prince Radu is a Merlot 100% produced from a "royal vineyard" of 0.7 ha from Tohani and vinified in the purest bordole style. A much crafted wine, with strong overcoat fruit sensations and a discreet influence of barric wood, Prince Radu is the wine-tribute to excellence and tradition.

Wine type: ROSE SEC


Tasting notes: Intense and extraction Rubin debuts with well-defined black and red pepper flavors, but especially fleshy red flesh with sour pulp, black cherries, sour cherries and ripe blackberries. From baric borrows notes of sweet spices, balsamic herbs and fir resin. Gustative is silky and highlights alcohol, Virginia tobacco leaves and notes

Tertiary vanilla and tar. Tannins are modelled by years of maturation, long post gust is impressed by fruity sensations.

Created at Tohani, Gold Awarded in Madrid.