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23/05/2018 On this page you will find information about Colle di Bordocheo

Colle di Bordocheo is nestled in a beautiful panoramic location on the hills of Segromigno in Monte.

Colle di Bordocheo are an organic farm situated in an area – the hills surrounding Lucca – where vineyards and olive groves thrive, thanks to the favourable climate and the characteristic sunshine. They produce wine, extra virgin olive oil and welcome in their facilities anyone who wishes to discover and savour the beauty of this enchanting corner of Tuscany.

Their location is truly to be envied, offering stunning views across the valley and extraordinary sunsets. Guests can enjoy an aperitif in the garden, which fades into typical vineyards and olive groves, while bird lovers can admire the many species that inhabit the area, including hoopoes, robins and European wagtails and bee-eaters.


Colle di Bordocheo is rooted in their family’s passion for this territory. The company was founded in the early ‘60s as a simple farm with a few hectare of land where animals roamed among the olive groves and vineyards. Beginning in the 1980’s, there was a progressive acquisition of rural buildings, including abandoned properties, small adjacent plots of land, vineyards, olive groves and even woods, bringing the estate up to its current size of approximately 20 hectares. During this time, the farm began to operate as an agricultural company, with a qualitative increase in the production of wine and oil. Initially, the farm produced table wines, both white and red. Along with an increase and development of the vineyards, the wine production also increased and they were able to begin focusing on quality wines, both “doc colline lucchesi”, as well as “Igt Toscana” selections.

The holiday farm was established at the beginning of the 1990’s with the renovation of an old farmhouse on the estate, which has been converted into four apartments. This was the time when the third generation of my family took over the management of the company, renewing it and taking strides forward with great energy and enthusiasm.

Colle di Bordocheo worked on the existing vines, focusing on studying the varieties present and introducing new plants, they modernised and improved wine making facilities, and built a barrel cellar, new workspaces and a tasting room to accommodate wine lovers, who are increasingly getting to know and appreciate their production.

The main grape varieties that they cultivate are Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo, Merlot, Trebbiano, Vermentino and Chardonnay. They produce one white wine and one red wine from native varieties, veritable expressions of the territory, as well as a more particular red and white. To these, they have recently added a dessert wine, characterised by a great personality.

The farm also produces an excellent extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed within 24 hours of harvesting the olives, primarily classic varieties such as Frantoio, Leccino and Maurino.

Today, Barbara, managing and overseeing every little detail of the farm’s operations, with the help of invaluable collaborators. Even for her, this journey has been a love story for the vineyards and the olive trees that she have known since her childhood, and which she wanted to experience first hand. Lucca is situated just a few kilometres from the farm, but the location of Colle di Bordocheo is also ideal for reaching other great destinations in the area, from the Versilia coast to Florence and Siena, the Apuan Alps and the Garfagnana region. Or you can simply stay here, enjoying a break by the pool, taking a stroll, tasting our products and listening to the silence.

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Bordocheo Rosso is produced with rigorously selected grapes typical of the Colline Lucchese denomination, namely Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo, and Merlot. After the September harvest, the grapes undergo a10-day, temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless steel tank and daily pumping. This brief fermentation, along with the soft pressing of the grapes, allows the fruit to fully develop its bouquet and its moderately tannic structure. The wine is matured in stainless steel tanks for about 6 months and is then bottled and further refined for at least 3 months before its commercial release.

They produce about 16000 bottles of this wine annually.

Characteristics: Bordocheo Rosso has lovely, ruby red color with violet reflections and an intense, persistent, fruity bouquet with notes of cherry and a pleasant, delicate spiciness. It has a soft, balanced, moderately tannic palate.

Pairs Well With: This is a very versatile wine that pairs well with a wide range of main courses, red and white meats, mixed salamis, and fresh cheeses.


Bordocheo Bianco is produced with a selection of grapes typical of the Colline Lucchese denomination: Trebbiano, Vermentino, Malvasia Toscana, and Grechetto. The grapes are harvested by hand around the end of September and stored in crates at a controlled temperature before being pressed lightly. The wine is then stored in stainless steel tanks for 6 months at 16-18 degrees celsius in order to keep the flavors intact. It is then bottled and further refined for another month before its commercial release.

Characteristics: Bordocheo Bianco has a light straw color with a slightly greenish hue. It has a delicate, fruity bouquet that becomes more floral as it opens. The mouth feel is soft, full, and long-lasting and is supported by a firm acidity and a low alcohol content.

Pairs Well With: This wine is excellent as an accompaniment to appetizers and is ideal with hors d’oeuvres and light fish or vegetable dishes. It pairs especially well with white fish.