Cantine San Marzano- Bringing The True Apulian Wine To The World

10/05/2018 On this page you will find information about Cantine San Marzano

Cantine San Marzano is one of the fastest growing company in Italy. They are famous for their delicious wines. 


In 1962,19 vine growers from San Marzano, whose families had farmed the land for generations, combined their efforts to establish “Cantine San Marzano”.

Through the decades this co-operative has grown significantly, attracting over 1200 vine growers, using modern and technologically advanced plants and  producing  elegant  wines without  forgetting  the obligation to the very old Apulian wine tradition.

Nowadays the melding of  time  honoured  tradition,  passion  and  sensibility with contemporary techniques enables us to produce wines with distinctive varietal   and regional characters, marvellously reflecting individual attention, seasonal variation and local terroir.

A unique region.

Cantine San Marzano are in Apulia, in the heart of the acclaimed d.o.p. “Primitivo di Manduria” area, a strip of land between two seas, the Ionian and the Adriatic; countries and landscapes in the province of Taranto and Brindisi where vines and olive trees flourish side by side on a red soil surface.

The vineyard’s soils and the Mediterranean terroir play a fundamental role in the production of high quality wines. Our region climate is extreme, the condition difficult since life stands the drought, the frost and the sirocco winds. But in the hands of our passionate winemakers even the fruits of our oldest bush vines become full-bodied and elegant wines, capable of considering ageing. Wines that can enrich the tasting experience beyond the most ambitious expectations. 

Cantine San Marzano brought to Verona also the new 2017 vintages and some wine reserves that are part of the company. These include the Sessantanni Primitivo di Manduria Dop, Anniversary 62 Primitivo di Manduria Dop Riserva 2014; Edda Bianco Salento Igp 2017, «which is increasingly confirmed on the market»; Talò Primitivo di Manduria Dop 2016, "with a bottle designed and patented by Cantine San Marzano and a completely different packaging" Negroamaro Salento Igp 2015 and Cinquanta Collection Red Wine of Italy.

Wines of Cantine San Marzano

LIBOLL Extra Dry Sparkling Wine

Wine category: Extra Dry sparkling wine.

Colour: White.

Vine varieties: 80% Chardonnay, 10% Bombino, 10% Minutolo.

Breeding: Counter-espalier (4.000 vines per ha).

Production area: Cantine San Marzano, Salento, Puglia. The area is about 150 meters above sea level, with high average temperatures, very poor rainfalls and a significant temperature range. The soil is mixed and calcareous.

Harvest period: End of August; handmade, morning and slightly early harvest to preserve the acidity.

Vinification: A wine coming from entire grapes softly pressed, using only the first-pressing must, called “free-run juice” (55%) which afterwards ferments at low temperatures. The resulting wine is developed in autoclave in the “Charmat” method. After the second fermentation it remains in autoclave on its own yeasts for about a month.

Ageing: In bottle at a controlled temperature.

Ageing potential: A wine which preserves its organoleptic characteristics for 2 years.

Tasting notes: Colour: straw yellow with net greenish reflections. Fine and persistent Perlage. Aroma: intense, pleasant and definitely fruity of white peach, rich of floral notes of elder and spicy ones of sage. Taste: fresh and lively, round and well-balanced with a considerable personality and pleasantness.

Best served with: Excellent as aperitif, with fish starters and first courses.

Il Pumo Sauvignon Malvasia Salento IGP

Wine category: Protected Geographical Indication.

Colour: White.

Vine varieties: 50% Malvasia Bianca, 50% Sauvignon Blanc.

Vines per ha: 4000.

Production area: Cantine San Marzano, Salento, Puglia. The area is about 100 meters above sea level and benefits from great diurnal temperature variations. The soft soil layer is quite thin and has a fine texture.

Harvest period: Second and third week of August.

Vinification: Cryomaceration in the pressing machine for 6-8 hours followed by soft pressing of the grapes, cold static decantation and alcoholic fermentation at 11°C.

Ageing: In stainless steel tanks.

Ageing potential: A wine that preserves its organoleptic characteristics for 2 years.

Tasting notes: Straw yellow colour with green reflections; broom floral notes and a hint of citrus and tropical fruits on the nose.

Lively in acidity, fresh and mineral.

Tramari Rosé di Primitivo Salento IGP

Wine category: Protected Geographical Indication.

Colour: Rosé.

Vine variety: Primitivo.

Vines per HA: 4.500.

Production Area: San Marzano, Salento, Puglia. The area is about 100 meters above sea level, with high average temperatures and medium-low rainfall. The soft soil layer is clayey and quite thin, with a good presence of rocks.

Harvest period: First week of September.

Vinification: Skin contact for some hours followed by partial drawing off of the must of Primitivo grapes, and then fermentation.

Ageing: In stainless steel tanks.

Ageing potential: A wine that preserves its organoleptic characteristics for 2 years.

Tasting notes: Softly rosé-coloured; intense and persistent aroma of Mediterranean maquis, with cherry and raspberry notes. A fresh and elegant wine, balanced in the mouth.

Best served with: Italian style starters, fish soups, roasted or foil- baked fish, fresh or slightly aged cheeses.

Serving temperature: About 14° C.

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