Enovation Brands, Inc - Drink In Style

13/07/2018 It's a team of innovative brand builders passionate about delivering the best products. Their approach includes the wants, needs, and desires of their customers & the modern consumer.

The vision behind Enovation Brands was to create a family centric environment filled with trustworthy people skilled in brand building to deliver innovative products to the modern consumer, but in a different way.


Innovation is the fuel that drives the Enovation engine, it is at the heart of everything they do, from their product portfolio to how they do business. When others zig, they zag. They are nimble and dynamic. Their approach to innovation intersects with the wants, needs and desires of both their customers and the modern consumer. They understand how consumer perceptions have shifted and the impact that younger consumers have had on the industry.

As part of their commitment to bring fun back to the industry that they love, and understanding the need states of modern consumers,  Enovation Brands are unswerving in their dedication to bringing their customers a comprehensive portfolio of stylish, fun products with vibrant, eye-catching labels in singularly unique packaging that fit their individual consumers’ lifestyles.

Since Enovation Brands approach every brand as an adventure, without pretension or preconceived notions, it follows intuitively that in turn they are able to provide their customers and consumers with experiences that exude enthusiasm and enjoyment on an everyday basis.

And since  Enovation Brands are always looking forward to the future beyond the horizon, they look to not only identify consumer needs, they look to create them. they think boldly beyond current trends to develop the products that will be on the forefront of future trends. Headquartered in Miami, FL, they live and breathe in one of the worlds most vibrant and trendsetting cities giving them an extraordinary view into the daily lives of cutting edge consumers who influence not just the adult beverage industry, but the world beyond.


While  Enovation Brands look towards the future, their roots are firmly planted in tradition. They overlay their forward motion with a bit of Old World insight, which is most evident in their commitment to never compromise on quality. From their supplier, to their partners in the vineyards, to each and every individual in the Enovation family, they are dedicated to delivering a consistently superb product at an excellent value. They present the same products that they are proud to serve to their families and friends on their tables every day.  Enovation Brands present these products in distinctive, eye-catching packaging that wins consumers over at point of sale and are confident knowing that the quality of the wine inside will create a brand loyalist.

This commitment to quality extends beyond the bottle to the service we provide to our customers.  Enovation Brands value the relationships that they have cultivated with their customers and consider them members of their family, which is why each and every member of the Enovation Brands team is dedicated and entrusted to provide superior, solutions-oriented customer service.

At Enovation Brands they demonstrate their values in everything they do.

They make products that are FUN, delightful packaging filled with quality wine, from their FAMILY to yours, because they know loyalty flows both ways, and, they look FORWARD, to bring you the brands of tomorrow today.

Products of  Enovation Brands


 Boldly innovative, elegantly unapologetic and tastefully confident, VOGA Italia is a contemporary wine concept for the modern consumer. The chic cylinders, curvaceous bottles and innovative closures command attention, but it’s the award winning wines inside that are the real stand-outs. Rich in flavor and full of character, the VOGA collection is styled to deliver the taste profiles most desired by todays wine drinkers. Red or white, still or sparkling, dry or sweet, each wine is a triumphant expression of the famed terroir from which it hails.

The award winning wines of VOGA Italia are served in the trendiest bars, clubs, lounges and restaurants in more than 70 countries worldwide, making VOGA Italia how modern wine consumers everywhere Drink IN Style.


With a rich winemaking tradition and inventive spirit, this region produces some of the best and most loved wines in the world and inspired a revolution in winemaking that became Luna Di Luna.

Originating from the simple idea that great taste, quality and value could all come together perfectly in one memorable bottle of wine, Luna Di Luna was one of the first Italian wines to blend together popular varietals to create a more enjoyable, easy drinking wine. The iconic, brightly colored bottles provided the perfect finishing touch and the award winning wines of Luna Di Luna were born.

Any day, any time casual wine drinkers know they can depend on Luna Di Luna for outstanding quality, delicious taste and exceptional value.


Gemma di Luna, The Italian Luxury Collection elevates the everyday Italian wine experience from ordinary to extraordinary. Because Millennial drinkers look for originality and personality in Enovation Brands wine choices, it’s evocative brand name and the beautifully distinctive blue bottles are designed to speak directly to them. The Italian Luxury Collection creates a sense of occasion and celebration with every cork popped. And the bursting flavor will captivate the female wine consumer. 

It’s teal blue bottle, pearlescent white capsule enriched by diamond effect can be perfectly paired with any wedding or formal occasion.


 To the farmers who grow grapes for our authentic Farmers Of Wine Italian Red Blend, their vines are their lives. Their hands weave a story that spans generations, while their traditional methods and the rich cultural heritage of Puglia in southern Italy are reflected in each and every bottle.

Farmers Of Wine is crafted from grapes grown by authentic family farmers in Salento, a region rich in history and culture located on a sub-peninsula between two seas in the sunny southern Italian region of Puglia. The hot climate, persistent sun and occasional sea breezes create a near perfect climate for viticulture.


 What do you get when you take refreshing Italian Moscato, infuse it with deliciously juicy Italian fruit flavors, put it in a unique quintessentially Italian bottle and give it a delightfully enchanting Italian name? Bella Bellina the Italian Moscato with the bright sunny character. Deliciously refreshing on its own, and only 5.5% ABV, Bella Bellina is also perfect mixed into a cocktail.

Originality and personality shine through in every bottle of Bella Bellina.