La Marca Prosecco Ranks 4th in “ 100” List

15/11/2019 La Marca Prosecco that won a Gold at the USA Wine Ratings made it to the 100 list released yesterday.

Made from the Glera grape out of the Prosecco region in Veneto Italy, La Marca is a beautiful bubbly sparkling wine that won a Gold at the USA Wine Ratings this year. Named “La Marca” after the premiere region where all the best grapes are grown, the legendary value wine had also won a silver at the Sommeliers Choice Awards this year. released its “ 100” yesterday which is currently the only wine list in the world that is based on consumer purchase behavior. On their “ 100” list La Marca Prosecco places 4th and hence seems to be one of the best entry-level sparkling wine considering it won gold at the USA Wine Ratings this year.

From the last time that Gary Vaynerchuk tasted the La Marca Prosecco back in 2010 to up until today, the bubbly wine still costs the same $11.99, and I believe it still has the same great taste since according to the consumer purchase behavior “ 100” list, it clearly still is one of people's favorite and most valued choice. Maybe Gary needs to try this one again.

La Marca Prosecco comes from the E.&J.Gallo Winery house which is a family-owned company founded by Ernest and Julio Gallo in Modesto, California in the year 1933. By 1934 they had sold 440,000 gallons of wine.

The bubbly wine is a delicately flavored, golden straw color with fresh citrus, honey and white flowers. It has a fresh and clean palate, with flavors of ripe lemon, green apple, and grapefruit. The judges of the 2019 USA Wine Ratings absolutely loved it!

[Image Source: La Marca]

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