Jules Gautret Pineau des Charentes AOC White Bags White Wine of Year Award At 2022 USA Wine Ratings.

18/08/2022 Jules Gautret Pineau des Charentes AOC White Wins White Wine of the Year at 2022 USA Wine Ratings & wins a gold medal with 97 points & bags the Winery of The Year along with Best in Show By Country Award.

This year at USA Wine Ratings, the esteemed panel of judges evaluated more than 800 different wines from across the globe, with some new ones on the block and some old favorites. The judging took place on the 25th of July in South San Francisco. 

Jules Gautret Pineau des Charentes AOC White stood out and won multiple awards. Since the company was founded in 1847, Jules Gautret has been creating premium, Pineau. Pineau des Charentes is a bright liqueur wine with a delicate fruity scent. For the past 400 years, it has been the star attraction at Charente tables, served both with dessert and as an apéritif. Pineau is said to have been created after the grape harvests of 1589. The winemaker discovered there was still some eau-de-vie at the bottom of the barrel after adding grape must to it. Angered by his error, he threw the barrel into a cellar corner and promptly forgot about it. A great beverage with a yellow-golden hue was within the barrel when he finally opened it a few years later.

This Monsieur Pineau, who gave the alcoholic wine his own name, was attracted by its transparent texture, honey flavor, and fruity undertones. The Pineau des Charentes was created. Jules Gautret Pineau des Charentes Blanc is a fortified white sweet wine, aged in Limousin oak barrels.

Producer Name: Maison Ansac

Country: France

Vintage: Non-Vintage

Category: Fortified Wines

Varietal: Trebbiano / Ugni blanc

Judges tasting notes:

“Beautifully spiced apricot and orange peel lend to the elegant intensity. Attractively light, smooth, and subtly spicy Pineau des Charentes with a sweet lift on the finish.”

Here are some of the top winners of the 2022 USA Wine Ratings: 

Red Wine of the Year - Coventina Vineyards Pinot Noir Reserve

White Wine of the Year - Jules Gautret Pineau des Charentes AOC White

Rose Wine of the Year - Penina Gold, Rose - Extra Dry

Winery of the Year - Maison Ansac

Best Wine by Quality - Coventina Vineyards Pinot Noir Reserve

Best Wine by Value - Coventina Vineyards Pinot Noir Reserve

Best Wine by Packaging - Coventina Vineyards Pinot Noir Reserve

Check out the full list of medal winners here.

The USA Wine Ratings organized by Beverage Trade Network aims to identify, honor, and support the promotion of wines that have been successfully developed to appeal to and target a certain wine drinker. Any wine brand must be marketable and consumer-driven to gain and then crucially maintain a spot on a retailer's shelf or restaurant's wine list. It cannot just be manufactured with the expectation that there will be enough consumers to sell and buy it. The USA wine ratings are different as they highlight and pick out those wine brands that trade buyers find to have a clear market worth and strong consumer demand. 

Header Image: Jules Gautret

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