The Role of a Wine Buyer with Rachel Kaiser

10/11/2022 Rachel Kaiser, Sommelier and Wine Buyer for District Restaurant Group diving deep into the role of a wine buyer.

As a wine buyer, one is responsible for the entire wine list that makes up the restaurant's menu. Wine buyers are in charge of researching wines from all over the world, procuring the wine, negotiating the price point, and then ultimately deciding which wines go into the wine program of the restaurant.

Apart from sourcing the best products in terms of quality and value, it is essential that a wine buyer has accurate knowledge about the food menu, the demographic, and their preferences to make the correct choice of wines for the restaurant.


In this video, Sid Patel, CEO of Beverage Trade Network and USA Ratings, is in a conversation with Rachel Kaiser, Sommelier and Wine Buyer for District Restaurant Group, where Rachel explains what her role as a wine buyer looks like.

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