10 Tips On How Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries, And Retailers Can Increase Delivery

24/05/2020 As home deliveries and curbside pickups have increased, get your game on with these tips to grow your online sales and deliveries.

The alcoholic beverage business is one of the most resilient businesses in the world. During an economic downturn or other crisis, alcoholic beverages are less likely to be affected in terms of consumption. However, COVID-19 has changed the way our industry does business. With the lockdown, online sales and delivery have picked up. So, here, we have 10 tips for wineries, breweries, distilleries, and retailers to increase their delivery for the coming two months and further.

  1. Focus on DTC sales

During the lockdown, many businesses have seen an increase in local delivery and pick up orders. Your sales to restaurants and bars are now on hold as people are not visiting these crowded places. So, focus on your DTC (Direct-to-consumer) sales. People have self-isolated them to maintain social distance. However, this doesn’t prevent them from ordering their favorite drink and enjoy their time at home.

  1. Tell your customers that you are open for deliveries

You may be open for delivery, but how will your customers know about it? Leverage social media channels during this time to promote yourself. Tell your customer that you are open for deliveries. Tell them what products you are delivering, how you are delivering and how they can place orders. You have to remind them that you have shut doors of your winery or shop, but you are open online.

Staggering Unicorn Winery open for delivery

Source: https://bit.ly/3blBBO0

  1. Sign up on third party delivery platforms

Apart from selling from your website, you can use third-party platforms to grow awareness among consumers and get a new customer base. Third-party platforms have their own marketing channels through which you can get huge exposure in a wide geographical range. Pennsylvania based Battlefield Brew Works uses Get Drinks Delivered’s services to increase their deliveries, in addition to their own local orders.

Battlefield Brew Works

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  1. Take safety precaution and let consumers know

Make sure that you are following COVID-19 safety guidelines. It’s important to prevent the spread of the virus and build trust that you are taking care of your employees and customers’ health. Since the alcohol industry has been allowed to operate during the lockdown, there are high chances of people working in this industry getting affected. So, work closely with the federal, state, and local government to make sure you can navigate the challenges effectively.

Winery following Covid-19 guidelines

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  1. Reduce prices or offer free shipping

The pandemic has affected every business. Everyone in the world has been struggling economically right now. So, reducing the price will not only increase your sales, but it will also help consumers. If you cannot reduce the price to much extent, you can offer them free shipping on orders more than two or four bottles. This will save them extra shipping costs on each bottle and it will increase your sales, too.

Winery offering free shipping

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  1. Slide into DMs

Start engaging with your customers via DMs. Direct messages are more effective compared to social posts as they directly grab the viewer’s attention. You can offer your special/repeat customers a special discount via DMs. You can also DM them casually to know about their well-being. You can ask for feedback from customers who place orders online. All these will show concern which will eventually help you in relationship building and thus increasing your sales. Before you DM them, see where these customers are from, what is the condition over there, what is the emotional status of them, and accordingly tailor your DM to make it more relative.

  1. Offer products or resources that complement wine

If you are a retailer, this one is for you. Selling complementary products will also boost your deliveries and curbside pick-ups. You can offer chips, meat, cheeses, mixers, or sodas which definitely go with alcoholic drinks. Customers buying drinks from you will need these items, too.

  1. Start virtual tasting

As a drinks business, you know how important tasting events are. These tasting events significantly grow your sales. As you cannot host one at your winery, distillery, or brewery, try getting your customers involved in virtual tasting tours. They may not be able to actually taste the drink, but they will get an idea of how that drink looks, how it tastes like, how it is made, etc. This may not be as effective as the real-time tasting events, but when you can’t bring customers to your winery, virtual events can definitely help.

  1. Convert new customers into repeat customers

You will be able to figure out how many new customers you have once you start getting online orders. Try to convert these new customers into repeat customers. Since you have data, contact them via social media or text message asking about their experience on their last purchase with you. Introduce other drinks/products to them. Give them some sort of offers on purchasing again. That’s how you can build a long-term relationship with customers and make sure that they come back to you often.

  1.  Stay in touch with your customers and club members

As discussed in the earlier point, relationship building is important when you want a long-term consumer base. Since this time has brought crisis, stay in touch with your customers via emails or messages. Get ready to help them in a way feasible to you. Keep them updated with your on-goings and make sure they know what all offers you have currently.

The pandemic has left our industry with a huge stockpile of alcohol drinks. Struggling with economic issues, we have to make sure that we all come through this soon. No matter how hard it hits us, we can take such steps to ensure safe navigation through COVID-19.