10 Drinks Merchants Delivering Across The US

25/09/2020 Looking for wine, beer, or spirits delivery in the USA? Here are 10 awesome drinks merchants that are delivering straight to your doorstep.

One of the best things known to man right now is delivery. No one is looking to go out as much these days, we definitely aren’t, and we’re sure you aren’t either. But of course, we’re all still drinking, aren’t we? The occasional cocktail or a glass of wine to unwind after a long day - in one way or another, we’re all drinking. Thanks to drinks merchants across the USA that are delivering, getting alcohol has become easier than ever.

Instead of actually going out and searching through aisles of wines, beers, and spirits, you can just sit at home, go online, and order alcohol with the click of a button. Yay technology, and yay delivery services for making our lives easier.

If you’re looking for a wine, beer, or spirits delivery in the USA, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 awesome drinks merchants who are delivering to you.

  1. Caddell & Williams

Craft spirits are definitely shining through right now. Let’s be honest, we’re all looking to find some rare, crafted spirits to add up to our collection, and enjoy on a boozy day. If you’re looking to delve into spirits by craft distillers, then Caddell & Williams is the one for you to reach out to. Their portfolio stretches from Brandy, Cognac & Pisco, Mezcal, Raicilla, Sotol, & Churique, Rum, Vodka & Gin, Whiskey, Old & Rare Brandies, Fruit Brandy, Liqueurs & Grappa, and many other regional craft spirits and other rare spirits.

Some of the craft distillers that they have in their vast catalog include DSP CA, Russell Henry Gin, Dakabend, Old Sugar Distillery, Sutcliffe & Son, Low Gap, and many more.

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  1. High Mark Distillery & Barrel House

This one's for all our fruit lovers out there. We all know that one person who likes a little bit of an extra fruity twist to their booze. Well, whether that’s you, a family member, your partner, or a guest - High Mark Distillery & Barrel House is a great option for you. High Mark Distillery crafts a series of fruity liqueurs with peculiar names that will definitely creep up your curious bones. Some of their products include Apple Jack, which is said to be old fashioned baked apples, fresh from the oven, bottled with a bit of booze to give you the kick. Along with AppleJack, the distillery also boasts a similar spirit - Apple Jane. We might as well call them brother-sister. The distillery is also famous for its shines like the Blueberry Cobbler Shine and Blind Cat Moonshine. But of course, they didn’t forget vodka lovers too - and their classic High Mark Vodka is definitely a best seller. Let’s just say whether you’re hosting a small get together, or drinking at home with family, High Mark Distillery has it all for you.

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  1. Celctic Whiskey Shop

Irish Whiskey is a favorite amongst almost all of us. If you’re a whiskey drinker, we’re sure at some point you’ve definitely had your hands over a bottle of some fine Irish Whiskey. Now imagine your whiskey actually coming to you all the way from Ireland. Located in Dublin, Celtic Whiskey shop is offering worldwide shipping for its amazing range of Irish Whiskey, other Irish Spirits, Scottish Whiskey, and other spirits as well, including whiskey casks. Along with the amazing worldwide shipping, Celtic Whiskey Shop also offers an online cocktail making class, which, for those of you looking to do a little bit of mixing and shaking with your whiskey.

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  1. T. Berkley Wines

Wine drinkers, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. T.Berkley Wines are known for being the Loire inspired, made under the Californian sun. So you have a Fresh twist, and your American love for it, all in one. Currently, T.Berkley has a selection of three fine wines, which include a Cab Franc, Chenin Blanc, and a Rosé of Cabernet Franc. So if you’re a red lover, you have your Cab Franc, and with summer upon us, a crip Chenin Blanc or a glass of Rosé is one we can’t deny, and we’re sure neither can you. Plus, T.Berkley wines are known for giving back. Through June 30th,  30% of all their proceeds will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union.

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  1. Forthright Winery

If you’re one for handcrafted specials, then your next wine purchase has to be from Forthright Winery. The winery produces impeccably handcrafted blends of Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, and an exclusive Bordeaux-style blend. Their award-winning wines are known to be a customer favorite. Along with their wines being great, Forthright Winery offers amazing deals and discounts throughout the year, along with giving you the option to donate your discount to a hospitality fund of your choice. So not only are their wines great to drink, but they are all set to take a step ahead in making the year a little easier to handle for hospitality businesses.

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  1. Hawkins Cellars

Hawkins Family Cellars boasts a range of award-winning wines that are loved by consumers who have either ordered or gone for a tasting to their tasting room itself. Wines by Hawkins Cellars are famous for their versatility, and the best part? You don’t even have to be a wine whiz to enjoy them. Crack open a bottle of Hawkins whites, or maybe a cool Rose, and you can pair it up with anything you like. The flavors in their wines is what they stand out for. So whether you’re a wine enthusiast, or an amateur drinker looking to educate yourself, or just someone who wants to enjoy a glass of Vino, then Hawkins Cellars has what you’re looking for.

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  1. Costa Brava Cocktails

Thanks to all the new innovations, ready to drink cocktails are a thing. How many times have you thought of whipping up a cocktail but realized it doesn’t taste like the one at your favorite bar, or maybe you just don’t have all the ingredients for it? Well, Costa Brava Cocktails is here, and ready to rescue you from your cocktail cravings. The Los Angeles based startup has two ready to drink cocktails, namely a Lemon Drop, and a classic Vodka Cranberry. And the best part about their cocktails is that it’s known for its 0 sugar and 0 carb cocktails. So if you’re a little bit of a health freak, wondering if you should have a cocktail this weekend or not, then wonder no more - because you definitely should.

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  1. Xplorer Spirits

Xplorer artisan spirits celebrate curiosity and the limitless discoveries awaiting each of us by producing a rotating variety of small-batch, craft spirits. Xplorer Spirits is an ode to the owners’ African heritage, through the process of distilling from grain-to-glass, we have a rich collection of spirits to suit any taste. The Xplorer team travels the world to source unique and authentic ingredients to create the purest craft spirits available on the market. Xplorer Spirits is known for its range of Bourbon and Gin among other spirits such as a Penna Dutch Apple Pie.

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  1. Treves Wines

Treves Wines is a small winery located in Aosta Valley, Italy, with a centuries-old tradition for the production of wines. The farm has more than 6,000 square meters of vineyards in the hills of Montjovet using the traditional pergolas between dry stone walls and vertiginous terraces carved into the rocks. The mild climate of the area favors the growth of grapes. Treves is known for its Petite Arvine, an impeccable white that can be enjoyed year-round. So if you’re a white wine lover, then Treves Wines is where you need to put your wine budget at next.

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  1. Bandero Distillery

1 Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila, 4! Tequila has been a fan favorite since forever. Among brunches, sundowners, nights at clubs, or house parties, tequila has always shone through. Bandero Distillery is known for its tequila, which holds old-world characteristics of bold flavors and authentic leather-bound canteen bottles embody the fearless resistance of those who rebelled against injustice and fought for their beliefs. Bandero Blanco is radical in flavor and style, bringing new meaning to the phrase, "el espíritu de la revolución," or, "Spirit of the Revolution”, so not only is their tequila a shining star for your booze, but it's also a meaningful drink, bringing awareness towards those who fought injustice.

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