Bel Ormeau Les Hérits: A Gold Medal Winner at the 2023 USA Wine Ratings Competition

25/09/2023 Bel Ormeau Les Hérits: Crafting Excellence from Bordeaux's Terroir to the World's Palate

In the picturesque town of Reignac, France, a remarkable wine by the name of "Bel Ormeau Les Hérits" has taken center stage on the global wine scene. This wine, carefully crafted by Christophe DARON and Laurent DUBOIS, has won a Gold Medal and been crowned "Best in Show" by country category at the 2023 USA Wine Ratings Competition. This prestigious recognition is a testament to the dedication and passion that went into creating this exceptional wine.

The Judging Criteria:

The USA Wine Ratings Competition is known for its unique approach to evaluating wines. Rather than solely focusing on winemaking techniques or taste, it considers three crucial factors: Quality, Value, and Packaging. To secure a Gold Medal, a wine must score at least 90 points, and Bel Ormeau Les Hérits proudly achieved an impressive 92 points.


A Wine for the People:

Bel Ormeau Les Hérits is more than just an exquisite wine; it is a testament to the idea that wines should resonate with consumers. It's not just about the technicalities; it's about creating a wine that people want to buy and enjoy on various occasions. Sid Patel, CEO and Founder of Beverage Trade Network emphasizes the importance of wines scoring highly across all three categories, reflecting consumer preferences and perceptions.

The Terroir:

To understand the roots of this exceptional wine, we must journey to the Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux appellation, located on the right bank of Bordeaux. Christophe DARON and Laurent DUBOIS partnered with the Dubois family vineyards, owners of Château Les Bertrands. This family has been excelling in vine growing and winemaking for over 10 generations. The terroir, with its diverse soils and optimal sun exposure, sets the stage for the rich and flavorful grapes that make up Bel Ormeau Les Hérits.

Image: Vineyard & Winery

The Winemaking Process:

The winemaking process is a carefully orchestrated symphony of techniques that elevate the character of the wine. Grapes are meticulously sorted and vinified in temperature-controlled vats. Aging parameters are adjusted to enhance character, highlighting the flavors of fully ripe grapes. The wine is aged in vats and benefits from oak aging to impart complexity. Finally, it is bottled precisely and stored in controlled cellars to maintain quality.

Image: Winery


Bel Ormeau Les Hérits is not just a wine; it's a masterpiece born from a deep-rooted passion for winemaking. Its success at the 2023 USA Wine Ratings Competition speaks volumes about its quality, value, and appeal. Christophe DARON, Laurent DUBOIS, and their dedicated team have crafted a wine that embodies the essence of the terroir and the spirit of wine enthusiasts worldwide. So, the next time you're looking for a wine that offers a solid fruit core, a pleasant oak background, and a truly delightful experience, consider uncorking a bottle of Bel Ormeau Les Hérits - a true champion in the world of wine.

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