USA Wine Ratings: Early Bird Pricing Ends on 31 July 2020

Put your wines into the USA Wine Ratings and have them assessed by top wine buyers. Take advantage of the Early Bird Pricing by entering now.

For domestic and international winemakers looking to gain wider recognition within the U.S. marketplace, the 2020 USA Wine Rating event is a fantastic opportunity to get in front of the industry’s most influential tastemakers.

The 3rd edition of the USA Wine Ratings is on track & will take place in San Francisco, CA on October 24.

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Inside The Judging of USA Wine Ratings

All wines entered will be handled by USA Wine Ratings and organized into flights for tasting.

The wines will:

- Initially, be tasted blind to determine its quality and drinkability.

- Where appropriate they will also be assessed by variety, style, region, and country.

- Judges will then determine the value score of the wine based on the quality and its retail price. 
- The judges will then be handed the bottle or format for them to be able to assess, in detail, the design, label, and packaging and determine how well that matches up to, or complements the quality of the wine and its price point. It is how the product is perceived when placed on the wine shelf among thousands of other wines.

                                                                      [ Pictured: Judges of 2019 USA Wine Ratings ]

- The judges can discuss the wine as a whole to help allocate scores in the three judging areas however each judge will give its independent score and a weighted average will be taken at the end.

- The Gold winning wines and all special category wines are re-tasted by the wine judges on the re-judging day to ensure the scoring quality.

Get your wines assessed by top USA buyers & learn how relevant your product is to the consumer. 

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Key Dates

Early Bird Registration Ends: July 31, 2020

International Registration Ends: Aug 31, 2020

Domestic Registration Ends: Sep 15, 2020

Warehouse Closes For Samples: September 30, 2020

Judging Dates: October 24, 2020

Winners Announced: November 09, 2020

Fee Schedule

$85 Early Bird Pricing - Till July 31, 2020

$120 Regular Pricing - From Aug 1, 2020, Onwards

For additional questions on the USA Wine Ratings, including details on how to become part of the competition, please contact Aaron at

International Submission ends May 20, 2021. Enter your wines today to get them rated by quality, value, and packaging. Enter your wines