A New Lucky Charm: Viña San Pedro Launches 9 Lives Reserve Wines

01/06/2018 Viña San Pedro, one of the largest wineries in Chile and one of the country’s most significant exporters, is pleased to announce the U.S. launch of their newest brand: 9 Lives Reserve.

9 Lives Reserve (SRP: $9.99) a new multi-origin brand that offers the most renowned varietals of Chile and Argentina, through Premium quality wines steeped in elegance and freshness. Viña San Pedro has exclusively partnered with Shaw-Ross to import 9 Lives.

The name 9 Lives is an ode to an intriguing black cat that shadows Viña San Pedro’s vineyards. As a tribute to this mystical creature, 9 Lives Reserve is crafted using the best grapes from Chile and Argentina.

Viña San Pedro’s 9 Lives Reserve became the first wine brand introduced through Vivino©, the world’s most renowned mobile wine app, inviting U.S. consumers to rate the three varietals Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc from Chile, and Malbec from Argentina. Considering millennial preference and the growing bond between wine and the digital world, the brand aimed to get the wines into the glasses of customers first and create consumer-driven reviews. All three varietals earned a 4 star average rating, ranking them among the top 15% in the world according to Vivino’s database of more than million wines.

“We went against the grain when we introduced 9 Lives Reserve in the US—it was exciting and unheard of. Over the last several years, a cultural shift has occurred in the world and we looked at how millennials consume and share information,” commented Paulo Ramires, Marketing Manager. “This is a great brand and we wanted to explore how we could make the opinion of our wine drinker our first priority as we work to serve them.”

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