Top 20 Wine Blogs in USA to Follow in 2018

01/01/2018 The USA Wine Ratings brings to you top 20 wine blogs in USA that you should follow in 2018.

There are so many wine focused blogs and websites on the internet. The USA Wine Ratings brings to you top 20 wine blogs in USA that you should follow in 2018.

All these blogs are listed as per their popularity on Twitter, Facebook and so on.

Logos of Top 20 Wine Blogs in USA in 2018

Wine Spectator

Location: New York

Wine Spectator is a magazine that focuses on wine and wine culture. It also gives ratings to wines. This blog has database of 360,000 wines, wine news, videos and many blogs on wine and wineries. Wine Spectator rates wines on a 100-point scale. It states that editors review wines in blind tasting. It has 244k followers on Twitter, 270k followers on Facebook and 25k followers on Instagram.

Wine Enthusiast

Location: New York

Wine Enthusiast is a multichannel marketer of wine and spirits related products. It brings information on the world of wine and spirits. It also reviews hundreds of wines each month. It has 208k followers on Twitter, 246k followers on Facebook and 158k followers on Instagram.

Randall Grahm

Location: California

Randall is a winemaker in California and the founder of Bonny Doon Vineyard. His blog are all about his vineyard, winemaking, his speeches and some general articles on Wine. He has around 322k followers on Twitter. His articles and newsletters have been collected and published as a the award winning book – Ben Doon So Long.

Wine Folly

Location: Seattle

Wine Folly started in October 2011 in Seattle by Madeline Puchette and Justin Hammack. Wine Folly focuses on wine education, maps and so on. Madeline who started this blog has 34k followers on Twitter, 129k followers on Facebook and 95k Followers on Instagram.


Location: New York

This blog has articles on wine, spirits and beer. It also has recipes for cocktails and other beverages. You will find reviews on wine, beer and spirits too. It also has a small section of shop from where you can but barware, glassware and apparels. It has 14k followers on Twitter, 133k followers on Facebook and 37k followers on Instagram.

Vinography Wine Blog

Location: USA

This blog is owned by Alder Yarro who is based in USA. His blog features wine reviews, restaurant reviews, wine news and wine event coverage.

Palate Press

Location: USA

It is USA based online wine magazine. It covers best wines, tasting notes and news about wines. It highlights best wine stories online.

1 Wine Dude

Location: USA

This is a very detailed wine blog by USA based Joe Roberts. It helps you learn more about wine. It gives useful content for wines, producers, regions and insights.


Location: USA

It aims to cover everything about wine, with daily posted content focused on USA wine.

Fermentation - The Daily Wine Blog

Location: USA

This blog is run by Tom Work. It is a newspaper style blog that advocates change in the wine industry using articles on wine politics, the wine industry, the wine media, wine marketing and the wine culture.

The Academic Wino

Location: USA

This blog is dedicated to analyze current research in wine and viticulture. It provides captivating insights and thoughts on the current state of research related to wine. The articles review every aspect of academia, from enology and viticulture to effect of wine on health.

Steve Heimoff's wine blog

Location: Oakland

This blog is written by USA based Steve Heimoff. He is a director of Wine Communications and Education at Jackson Family Wines.

Wine all the time

Location: USA

This blog is written by USA based Marissa Ross, a blogger and a writer. You will get the articles on different types of wines here.

Vinfolio Wine Blog

Location: San Francisco

On this blog, you will find articles on various categories from buying wine, selling wine, storing wine and enjoying wine to wine regions producers and wineries. It has 10.6k followers on Twitter.

The Wine Siren

Location: California

This blog is all about wine, food and travel. You can check article on wine, tasting notes of wine, winemakers, etc.

Rocking Red Blog

Location: Texas

This is a casual blog designed to be fun. It started in May 2014. It has won ‘Exel Wines Top 100 Most Influential Blogger’ award. It has 3 posts per week on average.

The Fermented Fruit

Location: Washington

The Fermented Fruit highlights exceptional wines that have value at their respective price points. It has around 2-4 posts per month.

Dame Wine

Location: New York

This blog uses storyline to share experience with various people and places visited in order to show a deeper side of the wine world. It has 1-2 posts a week.

Sip On This Juice

Location: California

Sip On This Juice is one stop shop for all the things related to wine in northern California. It has 1-2 posts per week.


Location: New York

This blog is collection of wines and wineries’ list and information, articles on wine reviews, winery profiles, wine regions, wine varieties, and the wine life style.


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