Gus Zhu

Chief Wine Educator, Gus Zhu Wine Consulting

Gus is a wine educator with the Napa Valley Wine Academy (WSET Educator of the Year 2016) in Napa, California; and Dragon Phoenix Wine Consulting (WSET Educator of the Year 2016) in Beijing, China. He is a certified WSET Level 1-3 tutor, and WSET Level 4 Diploma certificate holder. He is a WSET Diploma tasting tutor of WSET Online Classroom. He was an A+ Australian Wine Specialist from 2011 to 2014. Gus has conducted many classes and lectures on wines and spirits for corporate clients, trade bodies, hotel staff and university students. He is also the oral translator of multiple seminars for trade bodies including Napa Valley Vintners, New Zealand Wine Growers, and Wines of South Africa. Gus worked as a wine educator at HALL Wines in Napa, California from summer 2017 to summer 2018. Gus was acknowledged as one of the contributors to the China section of The World Atlas of Wine (7th Edition).


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