Brian Cardoza

Category Manager, Reinhart Foodservice

A deductive thinker with 11+ years of experience working with key clients and vendors in high volume sales environments.Historical success in roles that require autonomous product category management. Extensive experience with initiating, leveraging, and closing sales negotiations with B2B customers and vendors. Proven success as a buyer/purchasing manager within high net sales settings - both in the B2B and B2C sectors.Experience with rolling out objective marketing programs towards the B2B consumer segment. Comfortable in positions that require the monitoring of, and accountability to P&L. Distinguished reputation as an accredited post-secondary educator - refined research and presentation skills. Multi-faceted experience as a general manager. Wine business experience spanning all three tiers of the Massachusetts supply chain. Experience with developing and retaining VIP and celebrity clientele. Successful track record with identifying and developing proprietary retail branding opportunities.


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