Enotourism - Is At Its Peak!

01/04/2019 Wine enthusiasts are taking it to yet another level by exploring as many wineries and vineyards as they can!

Wonder, Wander to the Wine! These three Ws speak everything a wine lover wishes to do all the time, often and always. It is extremely heart-warming for a wine enthusiast to visit several wineries, vineyards, experience the emotions of the winemakers, feel and see the roots of that favorite wine he loves to drink, all for real!

Today, the number of wine lovers around the world are multiplying more and more with the idea of developing a strong taste in wine, know where it comes from and how is it made. This has given rise to the concept of Enotourism which is all about discovering the winery or vineyard of that favorite wine people have!

It goes without saying that the people who have always been interested in wine and are quite experienced, often indulge in Enotourism discovering new wineries, vineyards and strengthening their knowledge about wine. But nowadays, even the millennials who are getting a hang of the wine culture is making them curious to visit the actual roots of that wine world.

Drinking a fine wine is a good feeling, but knowing the marvelous story behind its making, some sacrificial scenarios if any, or those happy moments of the winemakers, makes the wine-tourist feel more authentic and they just own that feeling of being aware of the life story of that sparkling/fine liquid.

It is a feeling of contentment when you know what you are drinking, not just by the brand and the type but how actually did it struggle hard to reach in that bottle which you are holding at that time!

Wandering to the bright sunlit, happy vibing beach or mysterious mountains or vast grasslands and deserts gives a normal tourist the refreshing push he wants.

Similarly, Enotourism gives that same push to the wine lovers, letting them wander through the quintessential vineyards, walking through the zigzag grape plantation, attending harvest festivals, wine festivals, getting to taste the fresh wine and hearing the historical stories of that vineyard that the makers have to share!

Moreover, news has it that as per Vin Garde valise website, there is even a United Nations body devoted to the growth and nourishing of Wine Tourism: UNWTO-United Nations Wine Tourism Organization. The inaugural UNWTO conference of wine was held in September 2016, in the country of Georgia as it has been cultivating grapes for wine production for 8,000 years and is considered by archaeologists, the “Cradle of Wine.” How fascinating is it to know that there are even legal provisions for wine tourism! This makes wine tourism a happening adventure choice for beginners and an enhanced version of Enotourism for the people who are in love with the wine since ages!

Digging deep into Enotourism, the reason it is growing day by day is, there are many vineyards, wineries who take an initiative to promote their winemaking by inviting and letting people discover all about the wine they make, which also develops connections with the wine lovers visiting them who are in turn the potential customers. Yes, it is also about the revenues but the bond which they try to create with wine lovers, by speaking their hearts out, is what which makes Enotourism a real-time experience. Talking about the revenues, the vineyards and wineries do make some short-term revenue which they take when they have people visiting their vineyards or wineries, tasting their wines. There is a good chance that the wine lovers buy wines, when they leave, which accounts for larger revenues, and almost accounts for 33% of annual sales as per Wikipedia.

These vineyards/wineries often host harvest festivals and unique wine festivals according to the tradition, where people are invited to come and these also adds up to increasing wine tourism. The wine enthusiasts get to experience different aspects connected to the wines and the winemakers.

For the wine tourists, visiting the vineyards/wineries is an enjoyable experience who get to discover deep histories of winemaking, viewing the actual fermentation of fruit, blending, and also checking on aged juice.

Then comes the best part where they get to taste the wines as well, which in turn guides their wine choices, and lets them experience some unknown wines as well.

Another unspoken truth is that often when the wine-tourists visit the vineyards or the wineries they get to find some old wines which may not be available in the commercial markets and are those ‘Limited editions’ of the winemakers. So, if they wish to sell them at some good bargain, then it is a win-win situation for the wine tourists who get to have those limited editions.

A wine enthusiast, wine tourist is not just a normal wine lover who just wants to flow in wine, because As per Forbes, there are, The Wine Geeks: Who Want to know everything, for them, wine is the sole purpose, the other is the Gastro-Tourist:  for whom food and wine is an important element and the last is the Passing-By Casual (Wine), Tourist: With a “We’re in a wine region so let’s visit a winery”, attitude! It all depends on the motive, but all of them have one thing common which is WINE.

One of the most popularly visited, bona fide vineyards and wineries as per the Wine paths website, is Napa County in California, which remains the largest wine region in America and home to more highly rated wineries than anywhere else in the country. Although the region contributes to only 4% of California’s entire production, the vineyards here produce arguably the most revered (and expensive) wines in the USA – while wine tourism is exceptionally catered for with five-star hotels, gourmet restaurants, and luxury spas.

Next in line is the Texas Hill Country, Texas. This region is popular for wine tours in the USA, attracting more than five million visitors annually to its 46 distinct wineries between Austin and New Braunfels.  It covers almost 10 million acres and is one of the largest wine regions in the states, with vineyards dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel.

The other one is Charlottesville, Virginia which is regarded as the birthplace of American wine. Charlottesville is renowned for its old-style wines inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s vision of viticulture. The former US president planted the first grapes while in office, and there are now around 300 wineries in the region.

These were some of the vineyards which are renowned in the eyes of the wine lovers, of course, due to exceptional grapes they grow and wines they make.

Pulling it to an end, wine drinking is a growing passion and interest amongst people these days. Some take an extra foot forward and go on exploring the backstage stories of the wines, experiencing that warm feeling in their hearts about the wine’s life story and in return hoarding their bags with the wines they loved the most.

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